Jeff Lehman

Senior Strip Squeeze

At Monday’s club game, I played 3NT from the East seat on Board 2 Section B, after North had shown diamond length.  South led the 5 (presumptively fourth best).



I ducked the J from North and won the 4 return with the A, as South followed suit with the 3.

Needing spade tricks to make my contract, I advanced a spade toward dummy.  South followed small and I was off to a good start when the 9 drew the A from North.  North returned the T, won by my queen, South following suit.  I won the next four tricks with three more good hearts and the K from dummy.  I pitched two diamonds from my hand.  North pitched a diamond on the fourth round of hearts, while South followed suit to all the leads.

Having played two rounds of spades (losing one and winning one), four rounds of winning hearts and two rounds of clubs (losing one and winning one), I had reached a five card end position.




At Trick 9 I played a diamond to my ace.  As expected, South showed out, pitching the T.

So … South is down to two intermediate clubs and QT.  I cashed the K, and threw South in with a club.  She cashed the Q.  And then one more club!  Huh, what is going on?  How can I be down?  Somewhat sympathetically, my partner remarks, “Jeff, she pitched a spade”.  Yes, that is why this post is entitled Senior Strip Squeeze.  What I had seen as a discard of the T at Trick 9 was actually a discard of the T.  All I had to do was lead a small spade at Trick 10 and South’s Q would draw air and, when supplemented by my K, the J would be my game going trick.




Dave Memphis MOJOMay 20th, 2015 at 3:53 pm

Oops has been called. Cute hand, though.

leonMay 21st, 2015 at 9:22 am

Nice hand!
You should have made a throw in on North (diamond ace and small one, let him bring you the 9th trick to diamond queen).
Then you don’t have to watch the discards 🙂

PhasmidMay 23rd, 2015 at 6:58 pm

Yes, that’s why I just got a new prescription for my glasses! Leon is right of course and that’s what I expected to see happen. But when you think you see the !CT out the corner of your eye, I can definitely see the temptation.

bobby wolffJune 22nd, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Hi Jeff,

Perhaps your second spade lead from hand should have been the jack or nine, in search of the 7 falling from North and if not, then determining what specific distribution to play South for originally. At least by doing that you will have created a red herring to fall back on when, in truth, you had a “senior” moment.

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