Jeff Lehman


A bridge teacher/playing pro once shared with me his thought that players are motivated to play duplicate by one or more of five reasons represented by the acronym BASIC:

  • Beauty:  appreciating unusual end positions or the effect of an offbeat bid.
  • Approbation:  achieving the respect of one’s fellow competitors as a skilled opponent.
  • Socialization:  establishing friendship circles from fellow players.
  • Intellect:  being challenged to solve the puzzles of taking tricks.
  • Competition:  satisfying the desire to win.

(Thanks to Michael Huston for the thought and acronym.)

I am a Regular Bridge Player (fairly seasoned and well-read, but far, far from expert) who is strongly motivated by the Intellectual aspect of our favored pastime.  I often e-mail my bridge friends interesting hands to declarer, defend, or bid, as well as my thoughts on issues that can improve our enjoyment of, or success at, bridge.  I welcome and value their input.  With the formation of this blog, I am going to try to elevate that communication and exchange of ideas to a more convenient and efficient forum, and perhaps even broaden my circle of bridge friends.  I hope you enjoy my postings.